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Doe Network : Our First Editorial

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For so many years, so many of us wanted to make a difference. As we read of each missing persons case, every unsolved homicide, every unidentified body, there must be something we could do. Then, we found each other. Through that, we've found a place to make a difference, and eleven families have found missing loved ones. There are so many more. There are children who obviously had parents, there are women who had obviously had children, yet no one seems to miss them. That just seems unreal to me. They had lives before their lives ended so tragically. Someone surely had shared in these lives. There is one case that has be especially interested these days, a young girl in her twenties, dumped in a lake in Louisiana. She had a ring mark on her left ring finger. Sometime before her death she was probably married. She was also three months pregnant. Due to her young age, she was probably married shortly before she was killed. I'm sure she had guests at her wedding. How could not a soul on the earth know she was gone? Her appearance was also obviously important to her. She had plastic surgery on her nose and had breast implants. If anyone has looked into plastic surgery, you'll know she probably either came from a wealthy home or made a good living herself. Was she a dancer? A model? She did have perfect teeth. So here we are, 17 years later, and no one has come to look for her. Seems so impossible to me. As do the rest of the over 700 cases I look through on a daily basis, begging for the one clue that can give one of these people a name, and give them back to their families.

Author: Dana Gonzalez












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