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This time of year we are planning and attending parties, dinners, and family get togethers. For some of us, we're too busy to keep in touch through the year, so this may be the one time of year that we spend with friends and relatives.

I am amazed by the missing persons reports that state the person was last seen months, sometimes years before they were reported missing. Did no one notice they were gone? I know that there are certain people that I expect to see or hear from this time of year. If I didn't, that would concern me.

It is very important that we take a mental inventory of friends and relatives, even those we haven't seen in years. If everyone did that, maybe there wouldn't be so many does. At least we'd have missing persons reports to compare them to.

Imagine if all of our does had been reported missing. We could be assured that someone would eventually come across the information and make the connection. If Does like Cali-1UFNY had friends and relatives who diligently made missing persons flyers describing a thin, cute girl with a pug nose and curly hair, the poor girl would have been properly laid to rest long ago. My gut feeling is that "Cali" was never properly reported missing, and that makes finding her identity that much harder.

This holiday season, take some extra time to check on the welfare of those around you. If you notice something out of the ordinary, look into it. It may truly make a difference in your life or the lives of those around you, and may keep someone else from being labled "Doe".

Author: Dana Gonzalez









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