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Doe Network : "Parental Abducation, A Perspective"

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When someone speaks of ďabductedĒ children, one envisions a stranger that grabs a child and takes them away. We donít usually think of a parent, whom a child loves and trusts, taking a child and forcing them to live a new life. There are so many cases of parental or family abductions, that one can hardly keep up. A lot of these cases are resolved very quickly, with the child in good health, but there are the ones that arenít that easy.
Recently, a woman in her early 20ís went to get a state ID card. Using her real birth name, Ana Rangel, alarms went off in the system that she was an abducted child. The girl had been abducted and taken to Mexico by her father when she was a toddler. More than 20 years went by, and her mother had no idea what had happened to her. Now, once again, her mother was able to speak to her. There are so many cases like this one. The abducting parent will take the child outside of the US and Canada where the authorities are less likely to look for them, and where they're less likely to be found. Some parents change their childís name, hair color, and other distinguishing characteristics. How traumatic this must be for the child.
Unfortunately, not all parents have the best intentions in mind, and harm does come to the children as in the case of Tara and Casey Jo Hull. They were abducted by their father during a scheduled visit. Six months later, the remains of all three were found near Mr. Hullís Johnstown, PA home. Family abduction cases like this one, however, are the minority.
Problems arise for custodial parents when their child is abducted to another country. Some countries will protect an abducting parent from having to return the child. Some custodial parents actually have photos of their abducted children but are unable to do anything more to actually get to their children.
So many of these children are alive, well, and have no idea that someone is looking for them. There has got to be more that we can do to help bring these children home. With the advance in technology and the internet, so many more children like Ana Rangel will be able to know they're missing and find their way back home.

Author: Dana Gonzalez








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