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"The Doe Network" : International Center for Unidentified & Missing Persons
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2003 was a wonderful year for Doe Network. And we have so many folks to thank: NMCO, NCMEC, Jerry Nance, Project EDAN forensic artists, Outpost For Hope, Child Cyber Search, NCIC-FBI, our Area Directors, Coldcases & Doe Network group members, our web masters, Law Enforcement and the Media. There is no way to name all that have contributed to the cause that binds us together in this huge extended family.

As a family we have been able to prove in this banner year that if people set their minds to it,change can be accomplished.

I look back and I am completely amazed at the growth. Resources now exist that were only once a dream. And it due to the strength of the human spirit.

We do not have to sit idly by and wish things were better in the world,we decided to make it happen,and we have been able to make some improvements. And we will make more. We proved it is possible, the world took notice and we became a respected resource to the world.

A special thank you to all who have made the Doe Network what it is today. It's more than a web-site, more than an organization,it's the heartbeat of a cause.

It's the dedication and compassion that gives our Family it's very soul.

So on behalf of the Doe Network Administrators, I wish you Happy Holidays and wishes for a bountiful New Year to come.

Author: Todd Matthews









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