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Doe Network : "Possible Answers in 1953 Colorado Jane Doe Case"

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1954, two college students out for a hike in Boulder, Colorado came upon the nude, beaten body of a young woman lying on some rocks at the bottom of a 29 foot embankment. She had no identification and there weren't any missing women from the area that matched her description. All identification had been removed from the slender young victim, estimated to have been 20 years old. She had been stripped, beaten, and left to die, and then was exposed to the elements for three or four days. All that remained of her personal belongings were three pins in her long reddish blond hair. There were no fillings in her teeth, so there could be no dental records. The only clue was a scar from an appendectomy.
Police combed Boulder Canyon and nearby mountain areas for her clothing, but nothing was ever found. A week after she was found, she was buried as "Jane Doe" .
The case was brought to our attention about a year ago. At that time, Todd had spoken to a man who thought he had seen the woman and remembered what she looked like. Unfortunately, when he got the forms to fill out, he had remembered much less than he initially thought. He wasn't going to be able to help us sketch a likeness of the young woman.
Fortunately, there is a woman from the Boulder area who refuses to let this case die. After chatting with Todd Matthews a bit regarding ways to get her case on the site, they came up with something. If there is enough push to get the case reopened, and the body exhumed, the skull can go to one of our Forensic artists Wesley Neville who will do the reconstruction for free. The local sheriff's office is currently reviewing their options to have the exhumation done.
Recently, while reviewing the case, a Boulder detective came across something interesting. A missing woman from Canada who disappeared a mere 4 months before the Boulder Jane Doe was found would be a good potential match. The woman, Marion McDowell was 17 years old at the time of her disappearance in December of 1953. If the exhumation is successful, Marion has a living brother who has said he would submit to a DNA test. Could this be our Jane Doe? Could after 50 years this man finally have and answer to what happened to his sister? We at the network hope so.
Should Marion McDowell not be our Jane Doe, we have several other avenues to pursue as well. Todd Matthews has come up with at least two other missing women who match "Jane's" description and time frame. One is a girl from Ohio who was last seen in 1951, and a woman from Iowa last seen in August of 1952. He has also been successful in persuading the local CBS in Boulder to shoot some initial news footage starting this Monday. Even if none of these women end up being our Boulder Jane Doe, an exhumation and reopening of the case will surely lead to her eventual identification, and maybe even the person responsible for her murder. Fifty years is just too long to not have a name. Hopefully, as this case progresses we can leave no stone unturned, and give this woman the justice she deserves.

Author: Dana Gonzalez


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