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Doe Network : "Struggles after a Missing Person is Found"

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In most missing persons cases, the families of the missing sit and wait for any contact, any word from their loved one that they are indeed ok. Most people would think that if they were ok and able to contact family they would. That is why after years go by with no contact, the general belief becomes that the missing person is either deceased or cannot contact the family of their own free will. This is not always the case.

Recently, Todd worked on the case of the Tate siblings. This was a case where the second oldest of 12 siblings sought to find and reconnect with his younger brothers and sisters. The family had been separated for more than a decade after the Tennessee division of youth services came in and took the 10 youngest children.

Alan Tate and his older brother spent the next 11 years trying to find out what happened to their siblings. They even came across an older half brother who had been looking for them as well. It wasnít until November of this year after Todd had enlisted help in searching for the kids, that all 10 brothers and sisters were accounted for.

Now, Alan knows where his family is and that they are safe. However, the children have grown up in a happy home and do not wish to have contact with Alan at this time. Stories like this one really make you wonder how many of the missing are out there, just donít wish to be found.

We have a rule at the Doe Network that we do not contact family or attempt to find and contact ďmissingĒ people on our own. We forward the information to the authorities, who handle all the contacting for us. That way, if the missing person wants to stay ďmissingĒ, thatís between them and the authorities.

As I read about this case, it made me wonder. Iíve spent a lot of years with the same kind of a conflict. I have a half sister who Iíve never met. I know her name, I know (basically) where she lives, Iím even invited to her first cousinís wedding in June, but Iíve never attempted to contact her. Iíve figured if she wants to contact me, Iím easy enough to find.

The situation with the Tate siblings reinforced my decisions in that matter. When the time is right, I feel that Alan will have contact with his siblings. They have all been through so much, and Iím sure they all sleep a little better at night now, just knowing everyone is doing well.

Author: Dana Gonzalez



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