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"The Doe Network" : International Center for Unidentified & Missing Persons
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Doe Network Member Profiles : Angela Ellis

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This week’s featured member is Angela Ellis. Angela, known to most us as “Ang” is our member coordinator, and AD for Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. She was one of the original 10 members taken from the “Coldcases” group in 2001.
As member coordinator she receives all the applications for membership, and is responsible for approving them. She is always on the lookout for people in the field of Law Enforcement that could help us in our pursuit. She was part of the original administration, and started taking on other responsibilities like rewriting or creating form letters for the Ad's to use and creating group procedures. She answer any questions the doe network members may have and does a great job at keeping the Ad's and the group as a whole motivated. Some of us call Ang the list mom, though she's one of our younger members.
She then went on to became case submission coordinator. She is responsible for taking all case submissions and making sure we have all the information we need. If you look, you can find message board postings about the network by Ang all over the internet. She also has her own email group called Find Missing Loved Ones that helps people looking for their missing loved ones. The group sets them up with organizations that can help them like Doe, NMCO, MPCCN, Outpost for Hope etc. That group also has some skip tracers and PI's that run searches for them, and have found many loved ones, some that had been out of touch or "missing" for over 20 years. She also does a daily search of all online media for any stories related to missing and unidentified persons, and sends them to the Ad's to keep track of or to try and get the case if we don't have it already.
She is also Canada Media Director and has made 8 TV appearances, one radio appearance and has been in 4 newspaper articles on behalf of the Doe Network.
She also volunteers for the missing children organization, Child CyberSearch
When asked “why” she is so dedicated, she tells us, “When I was growing up several young girls were abducted and some later found murdered. Sharin Morningstar Keenan's disappearance was probably the one that touched me the most. CBC Radio was always on in our house and Peter Gzowski who was on in the morning lived in the same neighbourhood as her and detailed how he police were out searching for Sharin who went missing from a park near her home. He spoke of the police going door to door, using loudspeakers as they were driving through the streets calling for her and asking anyone that may have seen her to come out and talk to them. Those images are forever stuck in my head. Sharin was murdered and stuffed in a fridge in a rooming house close to where she lived by Dennis Melvin Howe who escaped before her body was found in the winter of 1983 and is still on the lose. She was 9 and I was 11 and the reality that things like this could happen to girls like me became very real. I had been followed home by cars and invited in for a ride home numerous time. Then another girl went missing, Christine Jessop was abducted and murdered in October 1984 after getting off the school bus in the small town she lived in, very much like the one I lived in too. Her murderer is unknown and still on the loose. Nicole Morin went missing in July 1985 while riding the elevator down to the pool in her apartment building to go swimming with a friend and has never been found, now I was haunted and hooked. How could a girl just disappear into thin air? From then on I read everything I could about missing persons but I felt very much alone thinking I was weird and the only person that I felt a passion for doing something about this. Thankfully I eventually found coldcases and the people here at the Doe Network. I am driven, by my need to find Nicole and by my need to id all those other girls and boys murdered and left without a name”
In addition to being such a dedicated member of these organizations, Angela is also a wife and mother to two adorable little girls. When asked why she stays with the group, she goes on to say, “ This is the most rewarding thing I have ever done (outside of having children) and I couldn't imagine ever doing anything else. Missing and unidentified persons are of course rather dark and depressing subject matters but I have the privilege of working with the most caring and selfless people I have ever met and they really make it an uplifting experience. Sure cold cases can be hard, frustrating work but whenever I get down I think about all those families members depending on us to help them find their missing loved one and about all the Does who deserve to have their name back and to be given back to their families and I know I have to keep going because they need me.”
Thank you, Ang, from all of us. Thanks for being a motivator, mentor, and friend. We wouldn’t be where we are without you

Author: Dana Gonzalez


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