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"The Doe Network" : International Center for Unidentified & Missing Persons
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Doe Network Member Profiles : Dana Gonzalez

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This weeks featured member is Dana Gonzalez, the Doe Network's Media Advisor as well as Area Director for Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Puerto Rico. Dana a New Jersey resident has always had a "desire to help get justice for those who have had their lives taken by another" Dana was a member of the Coldcases volunteer group who work on unsolved murders and disappearances when she met Helene Wahlstrom the Doe Network Administrator and was soon invited to be one of the 10 original members of the Doe Network and has been a very important part of our organization ever since!.

Dana does an amazing job as Media Advisor and has had a part in in several articles and TV interviews for the Doe Network that can be found in our Media Center

Her dedication as an Area Director has helped us make great contacts with Law Enforcement in her Areas which is crucial to helping us maintain our cases and hopefully solving them. Dana is an enthusiastic member that always jumps at the chance to help with projects like the newsletter editorial and we are thankful for her wonderful contributions.

Not only does Dana volunteer for the Doe Network but she has also created a wonderful website dedicated to missing and murdered children called Stolen Innocence
Dana has a big heart and her compassion can be seen in this website and really in all she does.

When asked why she stays with Doe Network despite the tragic subject matter and sometimes frustrating situations we are faced with when working on coldcases Dana replied " I stay because I couldn't imagine doing anything else. The gratification I get from helping people is more than I could ever think to get anywhere else." Dana goes on to say " I was always good in biology, and because of this, I am thinking going back to school for Forensics one of these days. I think this is truly my life's purpose, and I want to do the best that i can to help others get their justice."

Dana helps others every day and we feel privileged to have her as a member of the Doe Network and as a friend!

Author: Angela Ellis





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