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"The Doe Network" : International Center for Unidentified & Missing Persons
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Doe Network Member Profiles : June Holman

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"Seeing the faces you can almost hear the voices, pleading for their names"

This weeks featured member is June Holman, our AD for Louisiana and Arkansas.

June has a family background in Law Enforcement. Her grandfather had been deputized and her father became warden of St. Charles Parish Jail. Her mother was considered one of the best jail cooks in Louisiana. June worked in bookkeeping, and like her mother…did some cooking at the Sheriff's Office.

You might say that the family had "maximum exposure" to the world of law enforcement. In fact her entire family were all deputized at one time. "I believe that my early exposure to the 'darker side' had de-sensitized me to some of the evil things that really happen in this life. Perhaps this was the first step in preparing me for Doe Network." Says June. Finishing first in her class June took course in screen writing and went to conferences in Hollywood and Santa Fe. All part of what June feels was fate taking her down a different path than what she had intended for my life. Perhaps this was the second step?

Daughter Linda and a "handsome grandson", Phillip, the lights of June’s life, have been living with her since her husband passed away. One door closes, but others open as life progresses down the twisting path. Some times the things that appear to be tripping stones turn out to be fate intervening.

"Phillip had been using my car to go to work daily so that left Linda and I with time on our hands and no way to get around. That’s when Linda discovered Doe Network. Knowing how much I love a mystery, she told me about it. Together, we decided to join knowing that our different way of looking at things could be to our benefit here. Was this the third step on my journey?" explains June.

"When I first got into Doe Network, I was overwhelmed with the heartbreaking stories that I read. They were fascinating and frightening at the same time. I was hooked from the start. If the stories didn’t get you, then the sheer amount of people missing and unidentified remains surely would. Little did I know that this was where it would all come together." Says June describing the finding of her path.

"I wasn’t in Doe too long before Area Director for Louisiana and Arkansas became open. I knew I had the ‘calling’. I stayed awake a couple of nights wondering if I could do the job. But, I knew in the end that I had to do it. So, Linda and I jumped in as Area Director and Assistant Director for Louisiana, Arkansas and North Carolina. This is how I came to be where I am now." Adds June.

It has been a growing and learning process for June. And like many of us, instead of watching TV in the evenings she can be found trying to match Doe’s with the newly announced missing people. She’s also beginning to do some writing.

"I can’t wait to have a good match to call in to my many LE’s and ME’s that I contact, because I have found that they are as excited as I am about sending their Doe’s home. Perhaps I am living the fourth step now. I am sure that I am being led to it. I know that the Wheel of Fate is always turning - where you start, you will surely end. So, perhaps my Wheel is nearing its complete turn – law enforcement, writing and Doe! "

Why does June stay in the Doe Network? For her there’s no question. "From the start, the group has accepted me and I have accepted and learned from them. I feel like we are all part of an extended family and we are looking for our lost loved ones. After all, what could be more important than the loved ones that we have adopted as our own? We're there to dry each other's tears and pat each other on the back when we do something good. I may never meet any other Doe members, but they have touched me. I hope that in some small way I have touched them as well." And at night, when I lay down, I can almost hear the voices out there - pleading for their names! "

"May your angels walk with you." says June.

Thank you June for being one of the angels who walks with us. You take the time to listen to your heart and the "voices" that cry out for justice.

Author: Todd Matthews


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