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"The Doe Network" : International Center for Unidentified & Missing Persons
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Doe Network Member Profiles : Pat Harkness

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The featured member of this week is Pat Harkness. Pat recently moved back to Grand Rapids, Michigan from Long Beach, California. He was also just promoted to an AD position for Michigan.

Being single with no children Pat focuses his spare time to being an AD and he also enjoys gadgets and technological devices. In his own words, he enjoys what some people consider "all the nerdy and geeky things."

He especially enjoys a "high tech treasure hunt" type sport called Geocaching It's a game played using the Internet and a GPS system to locate items hidden by other gamers.

Pat came to us as a matter form the heart as he first became involved in the Doe Network after receiving a call from Carol Cielecki. Carol had came across a potential match that involved his own cousin, Sean Cutler. After see the match, Pat knew indeed this was his cousin Sean who has been missing from New Jersey since 1993. See Article

During the months it took to finalize the identification of Sean and to lay him to rest, Pat realized that more had to be done. He still looks at pictures of these missing people and get a tear in his eye, knowing first hand what their families have had to and continue to endure. Sean's family were extremely grateful and welcomed Carol to the belated funeral for Sean. But a simple "thank you" wasn't enough for Pat.

Aside from both Pat and Carol soon become Doe Network members after Seans identification, Pat soon found other ways to help.

Bandwidth always seems to be a problem at the Doe Network, especially after a case gets some major news coverage. In this plight we endure, Pat saw a chance to repay the debt of gratitude he felt.

Aside form working in real estate, Pat is a co-owner in a web hosting and design business H3Hosting He knew he had what we needed as he is able to purchase bandwidth in Terabytes, HUGE chunks of bandwidth he wanted to share with us. Pat set us up an account with his hosting company. Though we won't be able to move our exiting files without great pains, links going dead where people have bookmarked, we will be able to use it for our new cases! It won't banish our bandwidth problem altogether, but it can keep it from getting worse, and we look forward to a more secure future thanks to Pat.

With Pat's help we hope to gradually over several months to be able to gravitate some of our older cases to the new host. And we will like move some of the heavily viewed pages like our main page to the new host as well. It is a long and difficult task to relocate, so we will have to maintain the bravepages account for some time to come.

Also provided was the additional domain name for the in addition to the current Just another step to make the group easier to locate.

Pat has also mentioned that he wanted to develop special pricing for other Doe Network members that maintained their own personal pages.

So Pat was able to give us a tremendous gift of his kind appreciation, not only by donating the space, but by joining the group and becoming an active member. Seems to have found his niche and often sounds off in reply to technical issues. I have a feeling it will be really nice having "technical support" on staff.

Now that he has joined us here at the Doe Network, Pat has embarked on a new type of treasure hunt as we seek the elusive identities of thousands of cases.

Pat is yet again proof positive that our work indeed brings blessings upon us. The group was able to bring closure to his family, and he wanted to help us continue the task to help others. I cannot think of a better way to pay tribute to the memory of his cousin Sean.

Author: Todd Matthews


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