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"The Doe Network" : International Center for Unidentified & Missing Persons
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Doe Network Member Profiles : Robert Lingoes

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This weeks featured member is Bobby Lingoes the Doe Network Law Enforcement Liaison. Bobby is a Law Enforcement Information Specialist for the Quincy, Mass Police Department which he says "is a fancy name for someone who in addition to dispatching, oversees all data entered into NCIC by his agency not to mention handling Missing person/Unidentified person matters." What ever his "title" may be he is an invaluable member of the Doe Network.
Bobby helps validate all of our cases which is crucial for keeping our site correct and up to date and for that we are very grateful. But not only does Bobby validate cases but he also helps us get the word out about the Doe Network and our cases to Law Enforcement.

Not to mention he has had a hand in solving 6 cases for the Doe Network which he should be very proud of. Thanks to Bobby these families have the answers they have been waiting years for and while it isn't good news they can start to move on with their lives.

Bobby also had the initiative to start our cooperation with NCIC on cross-searching matches based on tattoos, scars and jewelry. The project even led to the identification of Angela Parks and I am sure will lead to many more solves.

Bobby became involved with the Doe Network after finding a possible match for a case of skeletal remains of a man found in Quincy with a missing man on the Doe Network. Even though it didn't prove to be a match, Bobby joined our group of volunteers and became a very important member of our group, inspiring us all with his persistence and his big heart! When I asked Bobby what kept him here he responded "The cause we share. I'm proud to be a part of an organization consisting of people like you and everyone else who gives their time and efforts for what we believe in regardless of the obstacles we have to hurdle." Bobby never gives up, no matter how big an obstacle he will find a way around it!

We are proud to have Bobby as part of the Doe Network, he is an honest, caring and dedicated volunteer that we would never want to do without. Thanks for all you do Bobby!

Author: Angela Ellis






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