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"The Doe Network" : International Center for Unidentified & Missing Persons
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Doe Network Member Profiles : Tracie Fleischhut

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This weeks featured member is Tracie Fleischhut the Doe Network's Potential Match Database Coordinator as well as Assistant Area Director for both New York and Pennsylvania. Tracie a New York resident is an integral part of our group who dedicates a great amount of time to the Doe Network despite being a busy wife and mother to three children.
Tracie began volunteering for the Doe Network almost two years ago after scanning the internet for New York unsolved cases, she discovered the case of a young unidentified female found in Caledonia,NY: Doe Network Case Number 1UFNY and has been hooked ever since. Tracie has gone out of her way to identify this young woman and her commitment even led to her creating her own website for
New York Missing Persons
Tracie's duties as Database Coordinator entail organizing the data associated with each potential match that is submitted for review by our members. Currently there are over 2,000 potential matches in different stages of the process so obviously this is no easy feat but Tracie does an amazing job and makes it look simple. Not only does Tracie do a superb job with the databases she also creates "Hot Cases" pages for the main site and helps out with other projects whenever she is needed such as the GeoIndex and the new "Project Edan" site and she has just started helping out with main site updates.
When asked what keeps her in the group Tracie said "What keeps me here is actually rather simple. The many unidentified people listed on our site need help. I can help and I will continue to do so as long as I can. I feel like "The Doe Network" is the voice for these people. Missing people have a voice in the form of their family members constantly looking for them, but the unidentified are often left without someone to speak for them. I have always volunteered my time to something, this is just such a worthy cause that I have been hooked on helping it. Even if I play even a small part in helping just one, then all the time I have spent is worth it. "
Tracie says volunteering with the Doe Network is something she is very proud of and that her family is proud of her too, and they should be because her dedication is inspiring and we would be lost without her! Thanks for all the great work Tracie!

Author: Angela Ellis






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